About Us

Our mission is to provide bespoke tourism consultancy services in Africa.

Halal Safaris is a pioneer in offering a combination of both luxury halal travel, exclusive Islamic heritage and women-only safaris, as well as Islamic travel consultancy services in Africa. Halal Safaris recognizes Africa as the cradle of Islam and organizes special exclusive trips to learn about the Islamic history and culture of different countries while also exploring rich nature and popular cultural destinations in the region. We aim to to curate Islamic art and history in Africa with our exclusive packages, and trace the steps of renowned Muslim travelers and figures in Africa like Ibn Battuta, and Mansa Musa in an attempt to revive the history of Islam in Africa.

With the key value of responsible tourism, we aim to work with institutions that value conservation, as well as local partners in our destinations to preserve both the environment and cultural heritage.

Halal Safaris Africa was founded by Samia Omar Bwana, who has lived in and out of Africa for many years. Samia was the County Executive for Tourism, Culture, Trade, Investment and Natural Resources in Lamu, Kenya. She has been certified by Crescent Rating Academy on Halal Travel, and trained at the Islamic Tourism Centre in Malaysia on “Designing and Implementing Master Plan For Sustainable Islamic Tourism”.