Capacity Building

Our capacity building services aim to provide solutions to clients who are interested in promoting their products or destinations to Muslim markets as well as supporting  international travel agencies and buyers seeking to sell halal African products and services.

The support provided includes: halal accreditation, training, product development, and marketing.Halal Safaris provides solutions to clients interested in promoting their products or destinations to Muslim markets by:

1. Understanding the needs and preferences of the Muslim traveller

2. Adapting Muslim-friendly amenities and services; and

3. Communicating the availability of Muslim-friendly services.

4. Providing other general tourism consulting services in branding, marketing and research.

Halal Safaris Africa Ltd works together with CrescentRating to offer services in this sector, as an official channel partner representing the Kenya region. CrescentRating is the world’s leading authority on halal-friendly travel. The company uses insights, industry intelligence, lifestyle, behaviour, and research on the needs of the Muslim traveler to deliver authoritative guidance on all aspects of Halal-friendly travel to organizations across the globe. Formed in 2008, CrescentRating services are now used by every tier of the tourism industry globally, from government bodies and tourism agencies to hospitality service providers, to inform how they can meet and serve the needs of the Muslim traveler. CrescentRating’s services include rating & accreditation, research & consultancy, workshops & training, ranking & indices, event support/partnerships, and content provision. HalalTrip is a sister brand of CrescentRating.