About Us

Our mission is to provide bespoke tourism consultancy services in Africa.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building services aim to provide solutions to clients who are interested in promoting their products or destinations to Muslim markets as well as supporting  international travel agencies and buyers


We contribute to tourism research in Africa, as well as provide consultancy services for to help facilities and agencies assess and improve their products and destinations We curate heritage sites

Our Values

Sustainability is a core value that Halal Safaris practices by: identifying opportunities for our clients to interact with and give back to the local communities


Every minute of our trip was just extraordinary thanks to the Halal Safaris team! We learned so much about the history and unique cultural heritage of the Kenyan coast, and we were totally blown away by the area’s natural beauty! Truly paradise! All of our excursions and experiences felt very intimate and authentic thanks to the local/insider knowledge and expertise provided by Halal Safaris. I think my favorite aspect of the trip was just that – feeling like we were far away from the well-trodden tourist track where you’re elbow to elbow with other tourists…but all the while staying at beautiful, world class accommodations that made it feel like every bit the classic luxury beach escape! Just perfect in my book!


Amazing trip.beautiful town knowledgeable tour guides, beautiful archeological sites. Well planned to visit all sites in a short time while still feeling like a vacation, at an affordable rate. Highly recommend and will definitely do it again!


Halal safaris were truly incredible, professional, well organised and very knowledgable about everything LAMU, definitely the best people to book you next trip to LAMU with… the whole visit and experience was truly great. From Start to Finish.


This was a fabulous trip off the normal tourist beaten track to see the little known heritage sites of this beautiful part of the Kenyan coast. The local specialist guides showed us round their own communities where they were often greeted by friends. The restaurants were where they ate, they knew the best shops for whatever we were looking for. We set the pace and the schedule was amended according to our wishes at the time. The selection of accommodations gave us a range of what was available , a luxury international resort, a traditional Arab style villa with personal chef and finally a safari type lodge on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Totally luxury. I don’t think I have ever been so well and so luxuriously looked after on a trip – not have I felt so privileged in the places we were taken and the sites we saw. Thanks, Samia, and all your crew. Brilliant.