Our Values

Sustainability is a core value that Halal Safaris practices by: identifying opportunities for our clients to interact with and give back to the local communities, as well as working with facilities that promote conservation of the natural environment and heritage.


Increasingly, many Muslim travelers are not only looking for a halal experience, but also “tayyab”, which roughly translates to “pure and wholesome”. Halal Safaris is committed to provide services in a way that to adheres to these core values by providing services and selling tourism products, that maintain a healthy community, conserve the environment, and are ethical. We also prioritise working with partners that mirror these values and prioritize sustainability and are principled in their responsibility to nature.

Social Responsibility

While having more visitors to the African continent will be positive, tourism comes with its challenges and can have a negative impact on the local area and people if not appropriately implemented. Social responsibility is a core value that Halal Safaris practices by identifying opportunities to make a positive change in the local communities we work with such as by partnering with community groups and schools. This includes preserving Africa’s Islamic history and culture, which is a passion that drives Halal Safaris.

You can read more about our community service programs here.