Africa is not just about wildlife or savannah when we are going on Safari. We reclaim the word “safari” to it’s original Swahili meaning to be about all types of travel.

It is irrefutable that most tourists to the African continent are attracted by big game and the strikingly beautiful landscapes. At Halal Safaris we seek to highlight a diversity of nature-rich destinations with beach-wildlife packages that include a range of attractions from the tropical white beaches and marine life of the Indian Ocean, to the rugged slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the golden savannah of the Masaai Mara. We believe, the continent is about so much more than just it’s magnificent nature and wildlife and including the following and much more:

Islamic Heritage

Africa is considered the first continent that Islam spread from. History tells of the stories of Moses in Egypt, and Muslims who escaped from persecution to present day Eritrea and Ethiopia for assylum, among many other tales. Across the continent, mosques remain standing that date as far back as the 13th Century.  Halal Safaris is committed to building relationships with experts and partnerships with institutions with deep knowledge on Islamic history so that to enrich our client’s experience by learning about the Islamic heritage and history of each country they visit.

Arts & Culture

Africa is about much more than the commonly depicted images of tribesmen and drums. Halal Safaris creates trips that expose visitors to unique arts and cultures to highlight the diversity of the African continent. This includes the Swahili of Lamu, Kenya, whose culture is influenced by Arabia, Persia, and India. By creating trips that explore these relativeley unknown cultures and communities, our clients are guaranteed a unique exposure to African architecture, arts, crafts, languages, music that is unmatched.


African cuisine is richer than any other continent. It is however extremeley diverse due to the different routes traversed by the different communities over centuries of trade. Cuisines range from mediterranean flavours in North Africa, to spices very similar to foods from the Indian Sub-continent in Eastern Africa. Unknwon to many is the fact that Halal food is easily available in several countries across Africa. Halal Safaris works to cater to the unique needs of Muslim travelers by assessing and identify rich halal culinary experiences and facilities in our destinations.