Travel Packages

Halal Safaris offers packages that allow travelers to discover the unique Islamic history in Africa, while exploring the beautiful nature in the region. This includes two travel services: 1. Tailored luxury travel; and 2. Group packages on Islamic heritage, and women only trips.

Our service include pre- and post-vacation briefings, travel insurance, and a directory of services and activities specific to each destination and activity. While there are many companies out there that offer luxury safaris, what makes Halal Safaris unique is that we make it our business to know the specific faith preferences for each traveler, and find experiences that match their needs. We then match you them with the best tour guides, the best rooms and will have access to experts for their area of interest in learning about the environment, history, and culture of each country they visit.

Our customers’ luxury African safari will be made of unique experiences tailored to fit their own perspective of what makes a fantastic holiday. Our special group trips are organized annually are exclusive for special guests.