Islamic Heritage Safari

Halal Safaris recognizes Africa as the cradle of Islam and organizes special exclusive trips to learn about the Islamic history and culture of different countries.

History tells of the stories of Moses in Egypt, and Muslims who escaped from persecution to present day Eritrea and Ethiopia for assylum, among many other tales. Across the continent, mosques remain standing that date as far back as the 13th Century.  Halal Safaris is committed to building relationships with experts and partnerships with institutions with deep knowledge on Islamic history so that to enrich our client’s experience by learning about the Islamic heritage and history of each country they visit.

We curate Islamic art and history in Africa and trace the steps of renowned Muslim travelers and figures in Africa like Ibn Battuta, and Mansa Musa in an attempt to revive the history of Islam in Africa. Our safaris combine the traditional wildlife safari experience with Islamic heritage safaris where clients get to engage with experts, see the best sites, and be part of memorable trips that help them learn about Islamic heritage in Africa.

Halal Safaris organises special exclusive group trips every year to highlight key themes on Islamic Heritage in Africa across difference countries. These also includes an annual Women-only group trip, ”Sisters Safari”.

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