What is Halal?

The most common question we get is what we mean by “Halal” and is it only for Muslims.

The term “Halal Travel” is popularly used to refer to tourism activities and services that are in line with Islamic teachings and laws, while “Islamic tourism” is typically those which serve to give tourists of all religious affiliations an experience of Islamic culture and heritage. At Halal Safaris we provide both products. In addition, we prioritize facilities with a “tayyab” experience, which roughly translates to “pure and wholesome”. These are those that mirror our values and promote sustainability and are ethical responsibility to nature and local communities.

We provide an opportunity for not only Muslims of all denominations, but all travellers seeking a family-friendly experience and comfort. This includes our basic requirements of providing halal food, avoiding Islamic taboos and places where there lewd behaviour might be prevalent such as nightclubs, bars and casinos, making arrangements for making prayers during safari, and working closely with facilities to educate them on how to be ethical and sensitive to the needs of a Muslim traveller. Recognizing that each traveller is unique, we offer three types of packages, Halal Facilities, Halal Service, and Muslim-friendly Facilities.

A Muslim-friendly basic package where the basic need is halal food and having no nightclub or casino in the facility.

We also offer the Halal Service for people who don’t want use of recreational facilities or a private pool. The need for these travelers are mainly halal food, a prayer place and service, and not having recreational activities that are against Islamic teachings.

Lastly, a Halal Facility package means the facility that we book your trip at has halal food, prayer services and facilities, bidet/water vessel in toilet, private pool/beach, no Islamic taboos such as alcohol, casinos and night clubs, and having recreational services that abide by Islamic teachings.

Halal travel is not to be confused with Shariah-compliant tourism, which refers to compliance of hotels in all aspects of Islamic law in management, including finances, regulations and policies including total segregation of genders of all guests, strict dressing codes, mandatory requirement of legal proof of mahrams etc. There are a only handful of these in the world right now.