Response to COVID-19

The whole world is facing the economic impacts of COVID-19 as flights are grounded. Like other travel companies, Halal Safaris has put travel plans on hold for now and as such stopped selling any trips to their most popular destination, Lamu until further notice like many other travel companies. As such, the economic impact of the virus has brought the Lamu to its knees.

Lamu Archipelago is located on North East Coast of Kenya along the Indian Ocean coastline. It is one of the earliest seaports in East Africa that attracted traders from various parts of world. Lamu, Kenya has remained one of our most popular destinations and was where halal safaris was first founded. As such, Halal Safaris has prioritized it’s COVID support to the destination. Due to COVID, the popular beaches and resorts in Lamu remain empty. To an already poor community, the impact is significant and stakeholders have had to get innovative. 

To help mitigate the impact of new coronavirus on the local economy, Halal Safaris has started a #StayHome #TravelTomorrow campaign to help mitigate the impacts of coronavirus that asks future travelers to buy from local businesses and donate to charities in Lamu in exchange a 15% discount to travel anytime until end of 2021. The travel vouchers are valid until Dec 2021. Claim your voucher here after you donate or make your purchase.

Donate to local charities

Halal Safaris is partnering with local community organizations Safari Doctors and Lamu Youth Alliance to help raise funds for their community projects during this pandemic. Donate to any of the two charities to be eligible. Donations and purchases must be above $20 and must be made by May 31, 2020.

Support local businesses

Stay home and we’ll bring Lamu home to you through buying art from our partnering local artisans via our EcoSoko project to be eligible for a 15% off travel voucher. Purchases must be above $20 and must be made by May 31, 2020. Check our the EcoSoko page to see the arts on sale. Minimum orders start from $20 and exclude shipping.

Through EcoSoko, we were proud to have seen through the sale of art by Anidan Children’s orphanage in April that saw the community project raise $1,000 for the orphanage. The donation comes at a much needed time since Europe’s, where most Anidan donors come from, is locked down.

Feel free to join us to make difference in the local community in any way you can. Contact us at for more information.