Lamu is located on North East Coast of Kenya along the Indian Ocean coastline. Lamu is one of the earliest seaports in East Africa that attracted traders from various parts of world. The County saw many visitors over its long history, including traders and explorers from Oman, Portugal, India, China, Turkey and many more. Lamu town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that dates to probably the 10th century from archaeological records. It flourished in the early 13th century as one of the important independent city states on the stretch of the East African coast. Lamu culture is intact todate as the oldest and the best-preserved living settlement among the Swahili towns on the East African Coast.

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Much of Lamu’s culture is still conserved after centuries of trade with the Far and Middle East. The arts and crafts in Lamu are infused by Middle Eastern and Asian influence, creating unique products that are unmatched in Africa.

Lamu is renowned for its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystem that combines both marine and terrestrial widlife. The coast includes coral reefs, mangrove swamps and forests, while the interior includes one of the biggest coastal forests in East Africa